On October 13,1993 I got THE phone call from my agent. We had sold 3 books to DAW. The Dragon Nimbus Series.  The Glass Dragon, The Perfect Princess, and The Loneliest Magician.

They are now combined into an omnibus edition.DN1omni

Shortly thereafter followed two more books in the same world but a different time line. The Dragon Nimbus History.  The Dragon’s Touchstone, and The Last Battlemage are also compiled in omnibus.DN omnibus2sm

And then I wrote two more books, the 3rd in the History series and the 4th in the original series. Odd sequence I know but that’s the order I wrote them. The Renegade Dragon concludes the History series and The Wizard’s Treasure ties up loose ends from both series.DN omnibus3

But I wasn’t done yet! A few years passed, but I knew The Children of the Dragon Nimbus needed to have their stories told. So I picked up fifteen years after the end of Treasure.

silent133 Broken_Dragon133 TheWandering_Dragon.indd

And in between all those dragons, I went back to the beginning of the saga, one thousand years in the past. The 3 O’Hara brothers, space jockeys, outlaws, and smugglers on the run from Galactic law–headed by their long lost sister, crash land on a planet where dragons are real and magic works. They free some slaves and cure a plague with technology. The locals declare them the Stargods.

Then they have to live up to it.

The Hidden Dragon, The Dragon Circle, and The Dragon’s Revenge are now combined in one very large trade paperback omnibus from DAW Books.

Stargods Omni133