Pixies are notorious for pulling pranks and practical jokes. But never on each other, that’s what humans are for–just so they don’t take themselves too seriously. Thistle Down commits the unthinkable prank, making her rival late to her wedding with the man Thistle thought loved her.

She finds herself thrown out of Pixie, stripped of her lavender skin, her purple hair, and her green wings shaped like thistle leaves. Grown to human size she wakes up, stark naked, in the middle of Memorial Fountain on a hot August morning in the middle of rush hour traffic. The only person she can think to call is Dusty, the curator at a local museum. Dusty is painfully shy and continued believing in Pixies long after most children outgrow the need for an otherworldly best friend. Will she believe Thistle’s story? Does she still need her little friend to overcome her shyness and find her life’s destiny? And then there are the men who love her. Her over-protective brother, Dick, of course, has issues of his own with Pixies. Her crushingly hovering mother causes her own problems. And then there’s Chase Norton, Dick’s best friend and the man Dusty has loved since they were children. He doesn’t believe in Pixies at all, despite the evidence all around him.

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