Even though I write mostly fantasy and science fiction, under a variety of pen names. When I want to read for pure pleasure I reach for cozy mysteries. My neighborhood in the foothills of Mt. Hood, Oregon is where I have planted my roots and don’t plan on leaving any time soon. So, when the time came to write my own mysteries, I had to set them here. Skywarrior Books Published Lacing Up For Murder, and Ploughed Under. Now they are waiting anxiously waiting for me to finish Killer Plaid.

I invented the Whistling River where the wind whistles and moans as it races through a canyon, a Lodge and golf resort in the town that grew up around the junction of the Whistling River and the next larger river that will eventually lead to the mighty Columbia and on toward the sea. Local legend claims that when the canyon whistles, the souls of those lost on the mountain warn of danger and death…

Glenna McClain narrates these stories. She started working at the Lodge when she was 15 and worked her way up to manager. Now she, other employees, and local investors own the resort (along with a bank or two). Much of the books show her love affair with the creaky old building and the possibility that ghosts share her love, not willing to leave. She and hunky security chief Craig Knudsen work together to keep the resort safe, prosperous, and above repute. The lodge thrives on catering to small conventions. First 200 lacemakers descend on her with all their arcane tools and delicate bits of antique decorations. Then a gathering of antique steam tractors and those who love them arrive to help pull stumps in a clear cut so Glenna can expand the golf course for money making tournaments.


Murder and mayhem ensue. And a growing love between Glenna and Craig.

Next up in Killer Plaid the Highland Games come to town with kilts and pipes, dancers and murder. Who finally gives in to the urge to kill the most obnoxious grand master of piping?