In between all those dragons and light and fluffy fantasy, I needed to dig my teeth into the historical periods that moved me to research deeper into the lives and times of favorite personalities. I wanted to write about dynamic periods, then insert a descendant of Merlin to nudge events to make sure they happen the way we remember.

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For the Merlin’s Descendants Series I started with the Merlin of the Arthurian tales. Then his daughter Wren took over the tale Guardian of the Balance. I jumped forward to King John and the Magna Carta with an aging and almost respectable Robin Hood in Guardian of the Trust.  Research took over my life when I started reading about Queen Elizabeth I. Her period took two books, Guardian of the Vision and Guardian of the Promise, and I still didn’t get to play with Shakespeare. Next lifetime. And lastly, I set Guardian of the Freedom in the ten years leading up to the American Revolution.


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