You knew I had to write a book or two about dancers. The following are available in e-book formats from my preferred retailer as I receive 90% of the proceeds, as well as Amazon in print and e-book and the e-book can be found at Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and other populare e-book retailers.

Start off with TRICKSTER’S DANCE

Gabby doesn’t dance for herself. She dances to banish evil spirits, illness, and even death. She dances for her people, for the trance visions that are vital to her tribe’s survival.

But her shamanic dances can’t prevent Utopia’s harmony from shattering into the discord of violence. In the post-apocalyptic future, when environmental collapse has reduced humanity to a tiny fraction of its previous numbers, the arrival of strangers means change–and Gabby is too young and untrained to understand the consequences. No one can help her interpret the mystical symbols granted by her raven familiar during her trances.

Change brings conflict. Her longtime friend and lover, the man she hopes to marry, sees war as the only solution. The stranger who touched her heart in a vision has a greater purpose that will take him away to the vast emptiness beyond her village. Neither of them seems willing to help her find a murderer before chaos erupts.

Gabby must dance to save her people. She must dance to stop a war. She must dance to find Truth.


Living in the shadows, Psychic Vampire Janet Dryer was a killer addicted to Soul Fire—until her lover tried to kill her at Woodstock in 1969. These days, she haunts exotic night clubs and draws energy from throbbing drums.

Her popularity as a sarcastic blogger lands her on Dance From The Heart, a celebrity ballroom competition. To her shock, the head judge is her ex-lover, the Vampire Hunter who tried to kill her.

With the strength and speed to take down the strongest vampire or wiliest demon, Bryant Thomas combines that agility with his passion for ballroom dancing as cover for his Hunts. Janet’s new identity doesn’t fool him. He wants his dangerous, former lover dead, or at least off his show. When a stage hand is murdered by a Psychic Vampire, Janet is the prime suspect, but he knows she’s innocent.

Until now, Janet thought she was the only PV in the world. While keeping up the pretense of the exhausting competition, Janet and Bryant seek a ruthless predator and fight a love that has never completely died. At what cost?



Music may soothe the savage breast, but it also incites demons to murder.

Music defines Margot Tremayne’s soul. She thinks best when her hands caress a piano keyboard, but all music eludes her since a demon crushed her hands on the eve of winning a prestigious international piano competition.

Fifteen years later, she has built a new career in conducting, composition, and teaching.

She still feels empty.

The job of driving the increasing murderous demon threat back to the netherworld falls to Abigail Fitzwarrn, Director of the international Guild of Vampire and Demon Hunters. She pushes Margot to return to the scene of her maiming to judge the St. George competition, in order to finally face her demon. Abby knows there is a mystical connection between Margot and the demon: music.

Archie Driscoll is a new field agent of the Guild, still trying to master his enhanced powers. He is surprised that Abby taps him to find and destroy the demon while protecting Margot.

Their attraction is instant and impossible.

Aside from her job as judge of the music competition and he a competitor and therefore off limits lest he bias her judgement, her career is reaching into new directions and she will be traveling a lot. He’s a spy for a super-secret paranormal organization and doesn’t know where he will be from week to week. Commitment is impossible for both of them.

In the musical competition setting at a haunted manor in remote Yorkshire, Margot and Archie must figure out their growing love while they discover the demon’s weakness and free themselves and their music from demonic tyranny before he kills more musicians for the sin of violating his definition of “pure music”.



Celia Fisher is the daughter of a Siren and a Hero. She wants to win a televised musical competition for singers who can dance and dancers who can sing. But the StormMother wants her power to help her negate the damages of climate change and pollution, even if that requires the death of all humanity.

Pirate Tea cover


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I don’t do a lot of short fiction, but over the years I’ve managed to collect a few. Almost all of them can now be found in my 3 collections, published by Bookview Cafe in 2014.

Fantastical Ramblings features fantasy stories in the more traditional form. Thanks to my husband Timothy L. Karr for the cover photo, designed by Maya Kaatharyn Bonhoff.

It looks like I have enough newer stories, some unpublished, to make a new collection: Magical Meaderings. Maybe in 2020

Here’s a full list, in no particular order.


I went crazy for Steampunk for a while. Steampunk Voyages features short fiction, an essay, a story written just for this collection, and a sneak peak at the upcoming novel The Transference Engine by Julia Verne St. John–my ghost writer. Thanks go to Mark Ferrari for this custom cover.


And finally, my few ventures in science fiction and some left over urban fantasy in Speculative Journeys. Thanks to Don Davis and his wonderful paintings for NASA for the inspiration for the cover designed by Dave Smeds.

Radford - SpeculativeJourneys_133x200

“The Sword of Herakles”  Olympus edited by Greenberg and Arthurs  1998

“The Divi” Treachery & Treason edited by Gilman & Heddle ROC

“Draconis Ex Machina” DAW 30th Anniversary edited by Walheim & Gilbert 2002

Reprint to Wolfsong anthology edited by M.H. Bonham Wolfsinger Publications        2008

“First Contact Café” edited by Greenberg and Helfers Space Station 2003

“Little Red In The Hood” edited by Greenberg and Helfers Little Red Riding Hood In The Big Bad City 2003

“Crystal Arches” edited by Greenberg & Helfers Gateways  2004

“Curse Of The Pendragon” edited by Greenberg & Helfers Slipstream 2005

“The Final Choice” edited by Greenberg & Hoyt Fate Fantastic 2006

“Stink of Reality” edited by Greenberg & Lickiss The Future We Wish We Had 2007

“Alien Voices” by P.R. Frost edited by Greenberg & Lickiss The Future We Wish We Had 2007

Reprint to “Rocket Boy And The Geek Girls” edited by Phyllis Irene Radford and Maya Kaatherine Bohnhoff, Book View Café.

“More To Proof Than Truth” edited by Greenberg & S. Hoyt Something Magic This Way Comes 2008

“Not My Knot” edited by Greenberg & Hughes The Dimension Next Door 2008 reprint Dragon Lords and Warrior Women, edited by Phyllis Irene Radford, Book View Café.

“Museum Hauntings” edited by Greenberg & D. Hoyt Better Off Undead 2008

“Super Squirrel To The Rescue” by P.R. Frost edited by Greenberg and Hughes Zombie Raccoons And Killer Bunnies 2009

“It’s A Con World” RadCon GOH program book entry 2003. Reprinted First Contact Cafe, edited by Phyllis Irene Radford, 2014

“A Seedy Affair” Book View Café 2008.

“Of Rats And Cats And Teenagers” Book View Café 2008.

“Dragon Treasure” Book View Café 2008.

“Image Of The Beast” Book View Café 2009.

“Price of Command” edited by Dayton Ward Space Grunts 2009

“Signed In Blood” by P.R. Frost edited by Kerrie Hughes and Martin Greenberg, Girls Guide To Guns And Monsters, DAW Books 2010

“Shadow Dancer” Shadow Conspiracy, Tales from the Age of Steam Book View Café, 2009 edited by Phyllis Irene Radford and Laura Anne Gilman

“Queen of French Prairie” Shadow Conspiracy II Tales from the Age of Steam, edited by Phyllis Irene Radford and Maya Kaatharyn Bonhoff, Bookview Café 2010.

“Dancing in Cinders,” Steampunk Voyages, Bookview Cafe 2014

“Little Miss Steam Engine,” Tales From an Alien Campfire, edited by Phyllis Irene Radford, Knotted Road Press 2015

“Image Of The Beast” Book View Café 2009.

“Sniff For Your Life,”  Were edited by Patricia Bray & Joshua Palmatier 2015

“The Fall” River edited by Alma Alexander, Dark Quest Books 2011

“The White Swan” 2012 Gears and Levers #1, edited by Phyllis Irene Radford, Skywarrior Books

“Mirror Mirror In My Soul” 2012 Story Portals, Hedge Witch Collection edited by Larry Segriff

“Lady’s Choice” 2012 Story Portals, Katya Lady Assassin Collections,edited by Larry Segriff

“Pave Paradise” 2014 Amazon Kindle Unlimited

“One Burp to Save them All” 2016 How Beer Saved the World I, Skywarrior Books

“Hot Time in the Crop Circles Tonight” with Bob Brown 2017 Steam and Dragons, edited by Leah Cutter, Knotted Road Press

“The Orange Muskrat” with Bob Brown, 2017 Steam and Dragons, edited by Leah Cutter, Knotted Road Press

“Death’s Apprentice” 2016 Pulling Up Stakes, edited by Sanan Kolva, Knotted Road Press

“Litany of Hope” 2016 Buzzy Lightyear Magazine, edited by Laura Anne Gilman

“Humming Along” 2018 Whimsical Beasts, edited by Joyce Reynolds-Ward, Knotted Road Press

“The Natural Order” 2017 Children of a Different Sky, edited by Alma Alexander. Kos Books. A charity anthology for refugee assistance organizations

“Garbage In, Monsters Out” 2017, Debris and Detritus, edited by Patricia Burroughs, Story Spring Publishing

“Altered to Truth” 2017 Alternative Truths, edited by Bob Brown and Phyllis Irene Radford, B-Cubed Press

“Pixie Crystals” 2016 Wee Folk and Wise, edited by Deby Fredericks, Skywarrior Books

“Pirate Tea” 2016 Alternateas, edited by ElizaBeth Gilligan, Skywarrior Books

“Den of Iniquity” 2017, Nevertheless She Persisted, edited by MindyKlasky. Book View Cafe

“Dancing Bangles” 2018, It Happened at the Ball, edited by Sherwood Smith, Bundle Rabbit

“Forest Law, Wild and True” 2018 by Rachel Atwood, Second Round: a return to the Ur Bar, edited by Patricia Bray and Joshua Palmatier, Zombie Need Brains Publishing

“Illegal Citizens”, 2018, More Alternative Truths, edited by Bob Brown, Phyllis Irene Radford, Lou Berger, and Rebecca MacFarlane Kyle, B-Cubed Press

“Forgiveness” 2018 Alternative Theologies, edited by Bob Brown and Phyllis Irene Radford, B-Cubed Press

“Phone Calls and Lies” 2019 Itty Bitty Writing Space, edited by Jason Brick & Dani J Caile

COMING SOON: late in 2019

“Finding Home” 2019 Straight Outta Dodge City edited by David Boop, Baen Books

Unless otherwise noted, all stories authored by Irene Radford

NOTE!!! Rights to these books have reverted to me and will soon be re-released by Book View Cafe with new covers and re-edited.

Pixies are notorious for pulling pranks and practical jokes. But never on each other, that’s what humans are for–just so they don’t take themselves too seriously. Thistle Down commits the unthinkable prank, making her rival late to her wedding with the man Thistle thought loved her.

She finds herself thrown out of Pixie, stripped of her lavender skin, her purple hair, and her green wings shaped like thistle leaves. Grown to human size she wakes up, stark naked, in the middle of Memorial Fountain on a hot August morning in the middle of rush hour traffic. The only person she can think to call is Dusty, the curator at a local museum. Dusty is painfully shy and continued believing in Pixies long after most children outgrow the need for an otherworldly best friend. Will she believe Thistle’s story? Does she still need her little friend to overcome her shyness and find her life’s destiny? And then there are the men who love her. Her over-protective brother, Dick, of course, has issues of his own with Pixies. Her crushingly hovering mother causes her own problems. And then there’s Chase Norton, Dick’s best friend and the man Dusty has loved since they were children. He doesn’t believe in Pixies at all, despite the evidence all around him.

Thistle small chicorysm

In between all those dragons and light and fluffy fantasy, I needed to dig my teeth into the historical periods that moved me to research deeper into the lives and times of favorite personalities. I wanted to write about dynamic periods, then insert a descendant of Merlin to nudge events to make sure they happen the way we remember.

All of these books are available as ebooks at, or amazon, B&N, Kobo, Google Play, and iBooks. Or at Create Space for Print On Demand

For the Merlin’s Descendants Series I started with the Merlin of the Arthurian tales. Then his daughter Wren took over the tale Guardian of the Balance. I jumped forward to King John and the Magna Carta with an aging and almost respectable Robin Hood in Guardian of the Trust.  Research took over my life when I started reading about Queen Elizabeth I. Her period took two books, Guardian of the Vision and Guardian of the Promise, and I still didn’t get to play with Shakespeare. Next lifetime. And lastly, I set Guardian of the Freedom in the ten years leading up to the American Revolution.


Radford-GuardianofthePromise133x200#5Guardian of the Freedom133x200

Even though I write mostly fantasy and science fiction, under a variety of pen names. When I want to read for pure pleasure I reach for cozy mysteries. My neighborhood in the foothills of Mt. Hood, Oregon is where I have planted my roots and don’t plan on leaving any time soon. So, when the time came to write my own mysteries, I had to set them here. Skywarrior Books Published Lacing Up For Murder, and Ploughed Under. Now they are waiting anxiously waiting for me to finish Killer Plaid.

Those rights have reverted to me and will soon be released by Book View Cafe, a publishing co-op. First up is Whistling Down the Wind in mid-October, followed by Whistle While You Plow, in late November, and finally Whistling Bagpipes in December. As with all BVC books, they will be available on the website  

Book View Cafe is my preferred vendor as I receive 90% of the sale price.

I will also make them available on Amazon as print and e-book and as an e-book at Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and many other e-tailers.

I invented the Whistling River where the wind whistles and moans as it races through a canyon, a Lodge and golf resort in the town that grew up around the junction of the Whistling River. Local legend claims that when the canyon whistles, the souls of those lost on the mountain warn of danger and death…

Glenna McClain narrates these stories. She started working at the Lodge when she was 15 and worked her way up to manager. Now she, other employees, and local investors own the resort (along with a bank or two). Much of the books show her love affair with the creaky old building and the possibility that ghosts share her love, and are not willing to leave. She and hunky security chief Craig Knudsen work together to keep the resort safe, prosperous, and above repute. The lodge thrives on catering to small conventions. First 200 lacemakers descend on her with all their arcane tools and delicate bits of antique decorations. Then a gathering of antique steam tractors and those who love them arrive to help pull stumps in a clear cut so Glenna can expand the golf course for money making tournaments. Then a Highland Games is allowed to tear up the clear cut with their marching bands, dancers, and tossing a caber or fifty pound hammer.

Murder and mayhem ensue. As well as the growing love between Glenna and Craig.

I’m thinking a fourth book in the series should be ghost hunters poking into every odd corner and secret hiding place in search of paranormal activity, or ordinary dead bodies…

On October 13,1993 I got THE phone call from my agent. We had sold 3 books to DAW. The Dragon Nimbus Series.  The Glass Dragon, The Perfect Princess, and The Loneliest Magician.

They are now combined into an omnibus edition.DN1omni

Shortly thereafter followed two more books in the same world but a different time line. The Dragon Nimbus History.  The Dragon’s Touchstone, and The Last Battlemage are also compiled in omnibus.DN omnibus2sm

And then I wrote two more books, the 3rd in the History series and the 4th in the original series. Odd sequence I know but that’s the order I wrote them. The Renegade Dragon concludes the History series and The Wizard’s Treasure ties up loose ends from both series.DN omnibus3

But I wasn’t done yet! A few years passed, but I knew The Children of the Dragon Nimbus needed to have their stories told. So I picked up fifteen years after the end of Treasure.

silent133 Broken_Dragon133 TheWandering_Dragon.indd

And in between all those dragons, I went back to the beginning of the saga, one thousand years in the past. The 3 O’Hara brothers, space jockeys, outlaws, and smugglers on the run from Galactic law–headed by their long lost sister, crash land on a planet where dragons are real and magic works. They free some slaves and cure a plague with technology. The locals declare them the Stargods.

Then they have to live up to it.

The Hidden Dragon, The Dragon Circle, and The Dragon’s Revenge are now combined in one very large trade paperback omnibus from DAW Books.

Stargods Omni133



In my copious (NOT) spare time I edit anthologies under my legal name of Phyllis Irene Radford.


Rocket Boy and the Geek Girls

Dragon Lords and Warrior Women

The Shadow Conspiracy Volume I with Laura Anne Gilman]

The Shadow Conspiracy Volume II with Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

The Shadow Conspiracy Volume III: Clockwork Souls, with Brenda Clough

Breaking Waves, a charity collection of reprints for Gulf oil spill relief. Now OP

Beyond Grimm, with Deborah J Ross.


Gears and Levers Volume I, II, and III

First Contact Cafe

How Beer Saved the World

How Beer Saved the World II

Healing Waves, a charity collection of reprints for Japan tsunami relief, now OP


Tales From an Alien Campfire


Alternative Truths, with Bob Brown (Best Seller on Amazon)

More Alternative Truths, with Bob Brown, Lou Berger, & Rebecca McFarlane Kyle

Alternative Theologies, with Bob Brown (Best Seller on Amazon)

COMING SOON Tales from the Space Force and Beyond, with Bob Brown


Welcome to my world filled with pixies (above),  dragons, history, magic, and mysteries.

I’ve been writing fantasy for DAW books since 1994 and continue to allow my imagination to fly any place it wants to go.

My cozy mysteries (Skywarrior Books) set near my home in the foothills of Mt. Hood, Oregon express my love for my mountain and the great outdoors, as well as a good puzzle to solve.

I grew up all over the U.S in a military family. Moving every two years taught me that books are friends I didn’t have to leave behind. Through them I have wandered the world, outer space, and other dimensions. History is my passion. Lacemaking my addiction. Teaching, be it writing or ballet, is a calling.

In the adjacent pages I have thumbnails to my novels. Plus there’s an entire page of anthologies I have edited and a resume of short stories–most of which you can find in my three collections of short fiction.

Explore and enjoy!

For other books and news relating to Irene Radford my blog is here

I also edit books and articles freelance (no association with a publisher) in most genres and some non-fiction here